ENOVA is a comprehensive range of dry dog and cat foods, which has been developed after 20 years of company experience in pet nutrition business, with a clear mission: always improving and modernizing the kibble formulas in order to provide with the best possible nutrition to our beloved pets.

Enova’s highest palatability and its innovative packaging are further pluses that make our brand stand apart from the competitors.

ENOVA history in a nutshell

  • 2007: the idea of ENOVA becomes reality – the first Breeder Bags are sold into Italian market
  • 2008: the ENOVA Dog & Cat Ultrapremium range makes its debut into Italian pet specialty channel
  • 2009: ENOVA products pass italian borders and are distributed also in several European countries like France, Spain and Czech Republic.
  • 2011: a new concept becomes part of ENOVA brand – the production of a new ENOVA Grain-Free formula for breeders has begun
  • 2015: ENOVA Simple Formula is launched in the pet specialty channel with an outstanding, award-winning packaging and the first Italian Pet Award
  • 2017: the ENOVA Formula range gets bigger with two new formulas: ENOVA Omega Formula & Enova Tris Formula
  • 2018: the three top-selling ENOVA Ultrapremium Adult formulas are revamped and made single-protein into a brand-new range, ENOVA Mono, that stand out both for the superb feeding performance and for their innovative package design
  • 2019: new exciting projects are on the way!
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